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Emma Tattersall and Layla (1 year old)

"She was named Layla in order to persuade my father that a new four legged addition was needed in the we let him choose the name. He's a big Eric Clapton fan.


We have always had a house full of four legged friends. We currently have Layla, plus two 8 year old cats and one rescue cat. Coming into a household with cats that were used to being around dogs made the whole integration a lot easier - although I think compared to the 14 year old dog they were used to, a 6 month old Layla was a little different!

Layla compressed 3.jpg

My mum had a tough year of chemotherapy and a new dog was the light at the end of the tunnel for all of us. We were nervous about taking on a rescue dog and disturbing the cat’s order of things, but having seen the amazing work BMDR was doing and Layla's little face, we couldn't resist. It's a great feeling knowing we are able to provide her with the loving home she deserves.


The adoption process was thorough but straightforward. The team were incredibly organised and helpful, and it was comforting to know they really did their background research on the adopters.

Layla is a gentle natured lady with ridiculously big paws, who is inquisitive but also cautious, so it took her a few moments to approach and give me a sniff. Within half an hour we were firm friends and it's hard to think of anything better than when she sees me coming through the door and starts her silly wiggle of excitement towards me. She has some other quirks like stealing all the gloves and socks from the utility room and lining them up in a neat row!

Layla compressed 2.jpg

We have crate trained her from day one and from the first week she slept perfectly.


The main challenge for Layla was getting used to recall. She aced her puppy training class but, there is a big difference between a village hall and an open field. We have some days that she comes back perfectly the first time you call, and others when she has incredibly selective hearing. We are working on it!


If you’re thinking of adopting, think long and hard about not just what the dog will bring to your lives, but also what you can bring to its. Having a pet is a huge responsibility and their wellbeing has to stay the number one priority. If you know you have the time, love and means to bring a dog into your home, then please think about adopting one of the amazing characters that Barking Mad Dog Rescue are working so hard to save.”

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