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What a Cracking Week for Fundraising

Jessica and Keith rode to Paris from London on a tandem! Their brave and compassionate friends Maz, Lara and Helena went too, but on road bikes. They have reached 97% of the target for fundraising, that's £973 for our dogs. Jess said she was walking like a duck for a few days afterwards ...

They can still be sponsored via this link.

Then, last weekend. Ken and Kim McDonald arranged not only the most fabulous coffee morning but a huge raffle as well. Ken also has written a lovely book of poems for rescue dogs which he has sold to raise funds. £1250 was the total raised. How good is this!

BMDR was also at the Cotswold show, where, despite the heat, £250 was raised.

Wow, this means the June vet bill can be paid off entirely with some left over for July's as it starts to mount.

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