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A Solution for some of the Public Shelter Dogs

With the ongoing saga with the public shelter, things have been tense. i.e. the Mayor of Navodari promises not to catch any more dogs then goes ahead and takes in dozens and dozens more. We had been despairing as our shelter is so full, and whilst we can't go on indefinitely taking more and more dogs, we want to take at least those most in need and at risk in the ps. The land we built our shelter on is rented from a nice guy in our village and over the last two years, we have pushed quite hard to be able to rent his old barn next door too. He finally caved in :)

With some fantastic donations from some very kind Romanian people, Gea and Ion were able to buy materials to create some pens inside. First of course, there was so much cleaning to do and old junk to clear.

Ion is a grafter who never gives up though, and he has transformed this place into a useful, clean and safe space for dogs.

We took six dogs from the public shelter on Friday into here and will go back for more next week.

Thank you again for your support through this hard time. 💜🙏

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