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An emergency for Coca

There was an emergency at Coca’s shelter in Calarasi. Coca lives in a remote location and runs her shelter single-handedly, but she is so devoted to her dogs and loves each one of them.

Tiny puppy Alan and his brother suddenly became very poorly last week. Coca knew that something was seriously wrong. Tragically, Alan’s brother didn’t make it 😢 But Coca moved quickly and rushed Alan to the vet in Bucharest - a 3-hour round trip.

The vet thinks Alan had been poisoned. He may have eaten something toxic, we just don’t know how this could have happened.

Coca would do anything for her dogs, and her fast action doubtless saved Alan’s life. But now she is stuck with a huge vet bill - around £2000. We desperately need your help to pay this bill - funds are low 😔

Please, if you can, donate ❤️

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