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Cat Vet Bill Raffle

This is a raffle for the vet bill for Oana's cats. The cats are safe under BMDR's wing at the village house but Oana assumes responsibility for their vet bills and does very well to find them homes, through her rescue group (@oanasrescuedsouls on Instagram or search Oana's Rescued Souls group on Facebook). Considering how much Oana gives to her role working with our dogs, we need to get some of this pressure off her shoulders. Many of the cats found were when she and Gea were doing BMDR dog rescues anyway. The current total, is 2127 lei which is £407.43. It would be so good to get this knocked down.

PRIZES 1st prize is a £70 Oriflame Nov-Age set kindly donated by Kellie Agnew. This is a very generous donation and is made up of the products featured in our pic here. 2nd prize is a 20" Monza Snuggle bed from BMDR Goodies with a lovely animal lover's sign donated by Gillian Parry. 3rd Prize is a Cat Radiator bed and a fun and useful magnetic shopping list from BMDR Goodies Tickets are £2 each please or £5 for 3. Email us: or comment or message us on Facebook or Instagram (@bmdrdogs) to enter.

Please pay via paypal to commenting Cat or via the Bank acc. 26807629 sort code 52 21 30 Good luck! 🍀🤞

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