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Dumped in a ditch to die

More news from Claudia…

“We got a desperate message from some students! Two weeks ago while they were driving they barely noticed in a ditch a tiny creature. It was night and rainy! They thought it was a hedgehog but they stopped anyway! It was a dog! A tiny girl, more dead than alive! The flies and the fleas and ticks were sucking her life! Her whole back was infested by maggots eating her flesh! Yes, welcome to Romania!🤬🤬🤬

They took her home and cleaned her and the only solution to get rid of the maggots was to shave her hair! Imagine a tiny body, 900 grams heavy! They took her to the vet and saved her life! Now, she's fully recovered, she gain weight (she's almost 2 kgs heavy); but they couldn't keep her, being on the roads all the time and without a place of their own! No one could keep a tiny dog! So, come to Claudia!

The vet is certain she's small size, 2 months old and so very smart, she tells us when to take her out to do her needs! So sweet!“

Safe now, little girl. Meet DOLLY ❤️

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