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Ionuț: The Boy Rescuer saves five more lives

Ionuț, our local friend and boy rescuer, has done it again.

This amazing 12-year-old has saved another five puppies he discovered abandoned in a field.

But after living at his family home for some days, unfortunately neighbours complained about their noise.

Ionuț reached out to Gea at one of our shelters and she has managed to take in two.

These two puppies are now safe and sound in our village mini-shelter.

Sadly due to the lockdown and adoptions being on hold, we are unable to take in the remaining three right now.

Gea and Ionuț have both tried to encourage locals to take in the puppies, but so far no one has shown any interest.

Each of the puppies are female and around 2.5 months old. We will keep an eye on the remaining puppies in the village and hopefully take them in if necessary and when we can.

Ionuț has been a dear friend to our shelters and has alerted us to many abandoned puppies and dogs.

Just a few of his rescue efforts can be seen here in the below video:

About Barking Mad Dog Rescue

We help give shelter and find homes for abandoned and unwanted dogs in Romania. We typically adopt our dogs out to Germany and the UK.

Daily we feed over 800 dogs across our own shelters and several others that we help support.

We depend on donations and your support.

Unfortunately due to coronavirus we are unable to process new adoptions right now.

However, we still have hundreds of dogs to feed and are constantly asked to take in new dogs.

We have even seen an increase in abandoned dogs since the coronavirus outbreak.

For updates on our dogs and general goings on, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

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