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Kenzo is back!

Kenzo is back again with his weekly update - we know you’ve been waiting for it!

“Hi it’s Kenzo here again. I am here, waiting patiently to get noticed. I have done really well with my schooling, I have had a bath (even though I liked the way I smelled before!) and my coat has been brushed until it is soft and shiny but I haven’t really met many people to make friends with. I don’t think the hoomans here like the cold weather. Me and Auntie Rosemary walk miles in all weathers, but the streets are really deserted and we often don’t see a soul. I am getting much fitter, have lost some weight and now have a waistline! Auntie Rosemary says I am a very handsome boy now, as well as being the happiest, most goofy and silliest dog she has ever met. All I need now is some nice warm weather to bring out all the hoomans for me to meet and maybe someone will want to add me to their family?”

If you’d like to apply to adopt Kenzo, click the link below to find out more about him:

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