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Meet Dove

Despite the very sad news that U.K. adoptions will remain on hold until September at least, rescue never stops in Romania. Team Dorohoi are working as hard as ever to rescue and care for abused and abandoned dogs.

A friend of Claudia’s found this poor girl out in the fields by the side of the road. The gentle little dog immediately came to her when she stopped the car - so hungry and desperate for someone to help her. Whoever left her here dumped her in the middle of nowhere to die 😪

We’ve named her Dove - a symbol of peace and hope.

So of course, the woman took Dove home, and Claudia will take her in as soon as she has space. Although rescuers are at capacity and are struggling right now with fewer dogs leaving for homes, our Claudia can’t say no to a soul in need.

The transport ban is putting a tremendous amount of strain on Claudia, who looks after tens of dogs at her home. She doesn’t have a big shelter and she’s finding things so hard. Please, if you can, visit our website to support her and help her to keep doing the incredible work she does:

Safe now, our little Dove 🕊

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