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Poarta Alba pups

A man came to our shelter in Nisipari begging for help - he was extremely shaken and upset. He works as a night warden near Poarta Alba, which is a commune within Constanta County that functions as a port.

The man told us about some puppies that were living at the port - he said it was very dangerous for them as there are a lot of trucks and cars - they were in danger of being run over.

Gea travelled to Poarta Alba right away, but had a hard job trying to catch them - they’re very scared and wary of people.

We now have four of the puppies with us - the rest ran away and were impossible to catch. Their mum too is still there with them.

The four pups are now safe in our shelter in Nisipari - a girl and 3 boys. They’re very scared and need some time to settle in, but we are confident that we’ll see them running and playing very soon.

All thanks to the man who alerted us to them, and of course, to Gea ❤️

Can you help us name these sweet babies? Visit our social media pages to make your suggestions!

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