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News from the Public Shelter

Updated: May 18, 2020

For those who follow our work, you will know that we work closely with the city hall in Nåvodari to ensure that no dogs are killed by the authorities, after the dog catchers have caught them.

Tragically most public shelters euthanise dogs within 14 days. It is a cash cow for many local authorities in Romania.

City halls are only allowed to catch dogs if a vet is hired by them under contract. Many refuse to do so, but sadly a misguided young vet accepted the contract in this public shelter and 30 dogs were rounded up.

A vet must be present during the catching, but this vet was not informed nor present. The vet has told us of his intention to resign, as this is flagrant abuse of the law. He can only work there on a Saturday.

Up to now, these dogs had been safe on the streets. There hadn't been a vet under contract for some time and with elections due, we thought we were home and dry.

Unfortunately with the lockdown and the elections postponed due to Covid-19, the dog catchers are back and have been sweeping the streets for easy targets.

For reasons known only to himself, the outgoing Mayor ordered this sweep of street dogs. Now the public shelter is full again.

What now?

These dogs will become our responsibility. Our own shelter is full but we will not let them die. The battle has begun to stop the city hall from perpetuating this senseless cruelty.

These dogs now need wormed, deflead and vaccinated. Some might need veterinary intervention too.

Please, if you can help us help them, this would be great? Even a small donation can make a difference.

We are so grateful for all of your support.

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