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Puppies thrown away like trash

A Sunday night trip to the supermarket was quite eventful for Claudia…

“While driving I noticed something small moving close to some wheelie bins. So we quickly turned the car around and went there. We checked the area - there were three puppies eating from the trash, poor souls were famished! So we stepped between the garbage and managed to take them all! The mom was close by but we couldn't even get near her! Poor mommy found some place to take them to feed a little! Yeah! This is Romania, a place where you can find some poor souls in the trash!🤬 We will get back to make sure there aren't more puppies there! As for the mommy we need to get a trap cage it's the only chance to catch her! Not to mention there were at least three more poor doggies there but they are simply terrified!”

2 girls and a boy, only 2-3 months old. They are so dirty and full of thorns and ticks, and will need lots of TLC. Safe now babies ❤

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