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Robert and Shadow’s challenge!

We just love our supporters!

Robert and his partner adopted little Shadow in 2020 and they also sponsor one of our shelter dogs - Carina. As if this isn’t generous enough, Robert is now planning to walk the West Highland Way to raise money for BMDR!

Currently Robert is in training. On Sunday, he completed a ten mile circuit in the Lomond Hills Regional Park, including Bishop Hill and West Lomond with a total combined ascent of 550m / 1,800ft. Both photos are from Bishop Hill; one with a view over Loch Leven and one with West Lomond in the background. This is weekend he’s planning an even longer hike!

Robert will be running a fundraiser which we’ll share with you soon. We’ve also been inspired by his efforts, and have decided we’re going to run our own sponsored walking challenge in May for all of you to join in with!

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Viktoria Morris
Viktoria Morris
Jun 15, 2022

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