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Stay safe friends: New update from our shelters

However, our shelters are still caring for hundreds of dogs and continue to take in as many stray animals as we can.

Our amazing team member Gea has shared this lovely update on the latest goings on the shelter and some gorgeous pictures of some of our dogs:

"Dear friends, how are you doing? We hope that you are all ok and staying safe. Here time is flying for us, we are lucky having so many furry friends to spend time with. We play with them, run, are doing repairs at the shelter and even planting vegetables. Of course, Ferdie, our tomcat was very happy to help us.

"Ailsa and Polka, two female pups from our shelter wanted to send you a message which you can see in the photos. We wish you to stay healthy and safe and we hope to hear good news from you!"

How you can help

Although we can't adopt dogs out, we need your support more than ever. We've already noticed an increase in abandoned dogs since the lockdown began, and with less people out and about there is less food for stray dogs to eat.

We need your support more than ever. You can donate here or discover other ways you can help our dogs here.

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