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Sweet Honey

Our darling Honey has been very poorly with Parvovirus 😪 She’s at home with Gea, quarantining and receiving treatment.

She was due to travel to a new home in Germany next week but sadly this has been cancelled 💔

Last week, things were looking bleak for this poor baby.

Days went by and Honey just wouldn’t eat. Gea was feeding her intravenously but she wasn’t making any progress. We feared the worst.

Then, one morning a miracle happened! Suddenly, Honey found her appetite! We were beside ourselves with joy! 🥰

In only one week, Honey has made an amazing recovery. She is so strong! She will now be able to travel to her forever home in Germany in the new year.

Thank you to everyone who has sent their love, support and donations for Honey! It means the world.

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