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The cemetery pups

You might remember us telling you about these darling pups a few weeks ago…

Gea heard about a mum and 3 tiny puppies who were living at the local cemetery. She went right away and tried to rescue them all and bring them to safety.

However, there was a problem. Mum did NOT want to be rescued, and Gea saw too that she was still producing milk for her babies. To reduce distress to her and the pups, the decision was made to leave them, at least until the puppies were older, and look out for them from a distance.

Sunday night saw a big storm in Nisipari, and Ion, Gea’s dad, decided to go and check on the little family to make sure they were ok. Look how big they are now! The locals have been complaining about the ‘problems’ they cause at the cemetery, and Ion was worried about their safety. So he decided to bring them home.

Mum still doesn’t want to be caught, but the pups are old enough now to be separated from her, and it’s a matter of safety now. Maybe one day she will change her mind - we hope so.

There was also one more puppy at the cemetery - not a part of the same litter - and Ion has brought her home too.

All of the pups are covered in fleas and ticks, even though they’ve already been treated since they were rescued. It’s so difficult to keep on top of infestations at the moment 😢 They’ve also received their first vaccines, courtesy of Gea.

Because we have very little space left, the team also had to build them a brand new pen. Our supporters on social media have named them after Charlie’s Angels!

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