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18 dogs are on their way home.

Picked up last night from Claudia in Dorohoi - beautiful little ILSI, who was rescued along with her babies. The whole family is adopted now ☺️

The three pups found dumped inside a plastic bag - LENA, LANA and LUIS.

RONNY, one of four siblings that Claudia rescued from a drain.

ELErNA and her friend LUNA, who are both coming to homes in the U.K.

From Nisipari, all of the Friends puppies - CHANDLER, JOEY, ROSS, MONICA, PHOEBE and RACHEL, as well as their brother KIMBA.

And finally from Coca in Calarasi - LOTTA, LENI, LUCAS and LINUS.

Safe travels brave doggies, new lives await! 🐾

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