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Travellin' Dawgs!

Nine lucky dogs got on the bus yesterday to start their new lives.

ARPAGIC is from the hoarder's house. We had a home for him last year then the crazy woman wouldn't hand him over. We had treated him for heartworm and mange then she locked him away. Somehow we managed to negotiate his release this year. This boy has packed his German phrasebook and is travelling to a new home thanks to Margarethe and her team in Germany. BUTTON is going home at last. His sister Bonbon was adopted to the UK but it has taken some more months for Button to get an offer. He is en route for Germany. CELESTE was found by our friend Claudia with her sister and mum. Mum was adopted. Celine, her sister, is now the last still waiting. Celeste is on her way to the UK. CHRISSIE was found dumped with puppy Pietro and his dad, Alex. On her way to the UK. FYNE is a big soft lad who climbed into the girls' car when they stopped to get a snack! Thanks to our friend Maria, he is heading to Holland. GIANNA came from the public shelter with brother Goya. She has a new home in the UK. LOUIE, the softest, gentle puppy who is last to leave from his family, was rescued by our friend and fellow rescuer Ramona. Unusually for this family, mum was adopted first! MARCIE is a small and super sweet girl we took from the public shelter in the summer. She is going to Germany. Last but by no means least, TEDDY has a home! Teddy came to us via a local vet as a starfish puppy. The vet thinks he was either hit with a brick or someone had tried to kill him by smashing his head on concrete. He defied all odds and with utterly devoted care by Aura at the village house, learned to walk again and have a normal life. He still has a bit of a drunken swagger at times, but at last he is going to a new life in the UK.

Happy Lives Doglets. We love you all forever❤️

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