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Two local puppies saved from parvo

We're known for taking in unwanted and abandoned dogs into our shelters. And trying our best to find them their forever homes.

But did you know that we often also help local sick and injured dogs? Whose owners can't afford their medical care?

Our relationship with our local Romanian communities has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

And as a result local dog owners will often turn to us when their dogs are in desperate need of help.

We had two such cases this week and were luckily able to save two puppies from parvo (canine parvovirus).


Little Fifi's owners called us to say their puppy was sick.

Our amazing team member Gea sprang into action, only to discover poor Fifi had parvo.

This illness is often prevented in the UK by a vaccine, but is less available in Romania.

A horrible disease, it can have up to a 91% mortality rate if untreated.

Due to COVID-19, Gea had to treat Fifi in her home.

Her temperature was dangerously low, but after two days under Gea's skilful care, she started to perk up.

Once back on her feet, she was returned to her delighted family. We expect this little fighter to make a full recovery.

Under our care she was also spayed, vaccinated, wormed and defleed.


Next up was Fifi's family's neighbours, who called in urgent need of help.

Their own puppy, Foxy, was suffering from parvo too.

This sweet baby had a huge hernia and was full of worms.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Gea was unable to get a vet appointment immediately.

Instead she has to treat Foxy from her home. After just two days, she began to eat again.

And when finally seen by a vet, her hernia was treated and she was also spayed.

Before being reunited with her family, she was vaccinated, wormed and defleed.

Both families now know how to keep their dogs healthy, and where to call when emergency strikes.

About Barking Mad Dog Rescue

We wouldn't be able to have saved these two pups if it wasn't for your generous and kind support.

We depend on donations and in these troubling times are in more need of support than ever before.

Coronavirus has forced us to put many adoptions on hold.

We've also seen an influx of abandoned dogs due to the lockdown.

And of course we already have over 800 dogs that we feed daily across our shelters.

Can you help us? Donations can be made here.

And other ways you can get involved with our charity can be found here.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for more puppy updates.

Thank you!

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