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Two more souls join the BMDR family - Leonard and Micha

Meet Leonard

Here at BMDR, we also support Claudia. Claudia and her husband live and work way up in northern Romania, close to the border with the Ukraine. They didn't set out to be dog rescuers but are compassionate people in a land full of cruelty and apathy. Claudia's husband is a teacher.

"This morning my husband goes to school. On his way he sees something that looked like a dog in the middle of the road, exhausted, barely moving. Well he passes by but turns the car around to get him. When he got home with this I was shocked. Take a look! How could anyone do that? Just letting him be eaten alive! Full of fleas (I've never seen so many) and thorns! Such a tiny boy - 1 year old (I think) and 4-5 kgs (just skin and bones)!"

Welcome to your new life Leonard. BMDR have you now ❤️


Meet Micha

This poor dog was taken to our vet by kind people. Putting him back out onto the streets was unthinkable so the vet contacted us. He was covered in sores with hundreds of maggots eating into his wounds. He was very weak and so scared.

The vet has cleaned him up as far as possible but Micha is still sore and uncomfortable. Wishing you a fast recovery Micha. We’ve got you now, welcome to the BMDR family 💜

These rescues are only possible because of your help and support. Thank you for saving these poor souls.

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