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Volunteers have landed

The first volunteer trip since 2019 landed in Nisipari this week. 8 wonderful volunteers have joined Hilary to give the shelter team some much-needed help and support. Some words from our founder Hilary:

“It's been hard seeing so many friends, young and old, who really would blossom in a home.

It's going to be the best thing building a purpose built shelter to have things set up in a way that works best for the dogs. There are a number of dogs - well cared for - but who are not able to blossom and shine for adoption, because they're in pens with dogs with bigger personalities.

Ion, Aura and Gea are as dedicated and selfless as ever. Petre too, our worker is going over and above, giving us long, hard hours.

Our volunteers are as awesome as ever, it's a first time for four of them but you wouldn't know it. Sleeves were rolled right up straightaway.”

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