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We need to tell you all about SCHIJA!

A few weeks ago, Gea was at the vet surgery with some dogs who were getting ready to travel to Germany. While she was there, she met a man with a beautiful dog.

The man explained that he’d been looking after the dog, who he found on the streets near his home. The dog - who he named Schija which means very skinny - followed him everywhere. The kind man has young children and not a lot of space at home, so he couldn’t bring Schija indoors. But he was feeding him and making sure he was safe.

The man had also been trying to find Schija - who is only about 6 months old - a proper home, without success. I think you can all guess what happened next…

Schija is now safe and happy with us! He’s made quite an impact - the other dogs absolutely LOVE him and so do we. He’s the most friendly and sociable lad. He’ll make someone a fantastic companion and we’re so glad that Gea met him after a chance encounter ❤️

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