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Eli, born May 2018

Eli, born May 2018

Update Sept:

Eli continues to thrive. This lad is so lovely and we hope someone will notice him. He is an affectionate dog and quick to understand what is being asked of him.

Eli was found as a puppy by Oana. He was stuck on the upper floor of an abandoned, half finished house. Someone had put this little guy there but there were no stairs for him to get back down! Eli is a sweet lad whom we entrusted to the care of someone in the village but he came back to us a bit underweight and his coat was so matted. Eli had lots of attention from our super June volunteers. His old coat was clipped out and he was also walked every day and given lots of attention. He was so friendly and happy to be with them. We think Eli would be happiest in a home with another friendly dog to guide him along. He is collie sized.

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