Irene, born early March 2020

Irene, born early March 2020

Dear little Irene was hit by a car and we responded to a plea for help to take her in off the street. Irene went to see our trauma vet and her humerus was fractured. The bone was pinned. Irene’s leg has healed well and one pin was removed. The other is left permanently as the bone has healed around it. This is something that happens often with growing pups who are RTA victims. 


We think Irene will grow to 50cms tall at the shoulder but this is an educated guess, as ever. Irene is a sweet pup who is now playing well with her pals in her pen. She loves cuddles too from her human carers. Irene now needs to be noticed as a black dog. She would love a home with another friendly dog and a god network of canine pals to socialise with.

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