Jenna, 2017, West Lothian

Jenna is a dog who was adopted to Scotland as a pup 18 months ago. Through an unforeseen change of circumstances, Jenna needs to be rehomed. Her mum is devastated but knows this is what she has to do for the best.  These are Jenna's owner's own words to describe her girl:

"She's a very sweet, friendly girl, very loving - as you can see, she lives happily alongside cats. I haven't done a very good job in training her - her recall could use work, and other commands. She knows what they mean, but only listens if she wants to. She is house trained, but needs regular opportunities to go outside. She would suit someone working part-time or who's at home for all/a good chunk of the day. She has always been good with any kids who've been around the house, including my son, who has only just moved away. She's noisy with passers by the window, or strangers, but soon quietens down when she realises they're not a threat to our territory.

She's good on the lead, and decent off of it away from roads.  Despite not responding when called on every occasion, she never wants to be out of sight of me. She enjoys running free and having other dogs chase her.   She would probably benefit from living with another dog, who already knows the ropes as can be a nervous girl in new situations - for example, she can be nervous of other dogs or people, or sudden noises or gusts of wind."

Jenna isn't as big as the pics make her look. She is smallish collie size really.

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