Rhu, born June 2020,  Aberdeenshire

Rhu, born June 2020, Aberdeenshire

Rhu is a quite a big dog (big lab sized) who has come back into our care post lockdown. Rhu is proving to be a delight in her experienced foster home where she is thriving as one of a number of dogs. Both a  long term foster home and adoption offers will be considered.

Rhu needs:

  • a country home
  • at least one other calm, friendly and active dog for confidence and leadership
  • to continue to build on her training
  • to continue to build her self confidence 
  • to broaden her experience in an empathetic way
  • adopters with rescue experience
  • an active home where she can enjoy new experiences in a positive way at her own pace


Rhu had guarding issues in her previous home in town through a lack of confidence. She is seeking an adopter who understands how not to let this arise again.  In her foster home, she has settled in with the other dogs and her stress levels have dropped. She doesn't now need to be on alert if the doorbell goes or someone visits. Rhu loves to play with her canine foster sisters. 


Rhu's foster carers say she is loving, sweet natured and fun but they have not yet had enough visitors in their rural location, through lockdown, to move things forward except for growing her confidence generally. 


To apply to adopt or foster Rhu, please copy and paste one of the links to your browser: