Rona, born January 2019

Rona, born January 2019

Rona is one of a group of pups born outside Coca’s shelter early last year. Coca was able to take the pups to safety but couldn’t catch their mum, sadly, to spay her. Coca’s shelter is way in the back of beyond and there is little opportunity to help her get good updates and pics of her dogs. Coca cares for 120+ dogs on her own, in her mid 60s. Our Constanta team went to visit last month at the end of lockdown in Romania. Rona was a little shy but once she was out of her pen and getting handled again, she started to relax. Rona deserves her chance at a new life and we hope she might find someone to offer this. Rona would need a resident dog for leaning on and to ease her transition to life in a home. Rona’s photos are from September 2019.

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