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Sponsor Athos
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About Athos

Athos is a dog who came from the public shelter in 2017. He was so scared and because of this, he was quite defensive when he first came to us. To start with you would think Athos most likely had no contact at all with people before he was netted by the dog catchers. However he would have had to survive on the streets and it is highly likely some kind people fed him and others in his pack by putting scraps out or more.  He is unlikely though to have been touched prior to enduring the trauma of being mishandled by first the catchers, then the public shelter staff, then the vet's technicians who would have poled him to vaccinate, chip and castrate. 

Athos is unwinding slowly. He still can't be touched but he is also not running to hide when our team goes into his pen. He is in the big dog's pen. When we build our new shelter, we hope that dogs like Athos can have a large area to themselves, as open plan as possible, whilst attending to their care too. 

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