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About Gracie
Gracie was one of the dogs from the hoarding situation in Constanta. She came to us a few years ago now. Few dogs had been allowed to leave since the hoarder cut ties with us. Luckily, Gracie was one. Sadly, no others have been allowed to follow them. Unlike other European countries there is nowhere for concerned onlookers to turn even though the dog there are not being appropriately cared for. We can send food but are not welcome over the threshold.
Gracie was hairless and suffering internal and external parasites. She was also starv
ing. She came with another dog, Darcy, who died last month, very suddeny. Both were at the village house with a lovely green space to wander in and with good food in their bellies. Gracie remains. She is a strange girl sometimes in that she can be very possessive of Aura their carer. Gracie will use her body to push the other dogs away.
Gracie deserves to live her best life with us for the rest of her days.  
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