Jack Sparrow
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About Jack Sparrow

Jack is an old dog currently living in our minishelter under Andra’s care. He lived with a family in sector 2 in Bucharest. Then they moved house and they turfed him out. Jack was taken to be killed in the public shelter of Mihailesti in Bucharest. Andra was on his watch though and she went straight round to take him out again. Jack Sparrow has changed so much since he came into our care. He was so grumpy with other dogs and very nervous of people. He now loves a cuddle once he has had a good sniff of you. Jack had a tumour removed from his thigh last year and we were told this was malignant. He seems to be doing very well though. When our new centre is ready, Jack will move to the oldies wing where a soft indoor bed will be reserved for him.