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New Land Appeal

We need your help

Update April 2023

Thanks to such wonderful generosity through this page and our friends on FB and other social media, we have raised more that £5000 towards the land appeal. This is not showing on the totaliser as we have not yet worked out how to do this. Hopefully soon. 

Since the appeal was launched, we have been the delighted recipients of a generous bequest which has paid off the loans we took out to pay the outstanding amount owed. 

We are back to scraping through financially but we now own this gorgeous piece of land outright. 

Already, we have moved some urgent dogs here. 

Watch this space!

This August a fantastic opportunity came our way. After years of searching, letdowns and set backs, we found a piece of land, in an ideal location, with no neighbours. Bliss.  

  • Great space for our dogs 

  • Space to build accommodation for Ion and Aura  

  • Space for quaratine/vet facilities

  • Space for the oldies and the smalls

  • Space for volunteers to stay

  • And so much more!

Could YOU be a new shelter hero to sponsor an area of the land?

There are 5000m2 to cover - £5 per square metre. 

Every single £5 is one more m2 towards our goal.

Yes! I can help...

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