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Hello. If you have any questions or queries, please send us a message using the contact form below. Please don't use this form to enquire regarding your suitability to adopt. Our adoptions team need time to catch up. Our support team are all volunteers and we will aim to respond as, and when, we can.

If your query is about adopting a dog, please click here  where you should find all the information on how things work. Thanks.

General Queries

Please choose the general query option. We will get back as soon as we can.

First though, if your enquiry is about adoption, do read through all the information provided.  If your query is regarding adoption info that is clearly laid out on the website, we would ask that you read there again first please.

Adoption Queries 

Please read carefully through ALL the ADOPTION INFORMATION before emailing us only if you can't find an answer to your query.  Please note, we are so busy with enquiries, which is great, that queries about adoption that are laid out clearly on the adoption pages, can't be answered.

Please note that we do have certain adoption criteria that are set in stone:

  • Our minimum age for adoption is 24; we are unable to consider first time dog owners

  •  We are unable to consider homes with children under 5; with children of 5 - 10 years, we would only be able to offer a puppy of under 6 months

  • We are unable to consider flats/apartments for puppies - unless on the ground floor with DIRECT access to a secure garden.

  • Nearly all our dogs require another dog in the home unless clearly stated otherwise.


Thank you for your interest in our work and our wonderful dogs. 

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