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Can you open your heart and home to one of our dogs and save a life today? It’s easier than you think to adopt one of our beautiful dogs or cats. Every dog adopted means there's a place for another to be saved.

Please Note:

It is with great sadness that temporarily, from 17th March 2020, we need to halt adoption applications. Not only are there travel restrictions throughout Europe, but even in the UK, we are not able to carry out homechecks. From the team in Romania, through to you yourselves,  we need to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Please do continue to support our dogs who need you more than ever.

You can keep up with news and more on our Facebook pages and groups.


Read carefully through our ADOPTION INFORMATION and our ADOPTERS' GUIDE.

Have a look at DOGS TO ADOPT to choose a potential new family member.


Fill out our APPLICATION TO ADOPT.  One of our experienced, friendly adoption team volunteers will talk through your application with you, exploring your experience and suitability via email. If your application meets the dog's needs, we will contact you to carry out a home check. We reply to every application within a few days, so please do check your spam folder if you haven't heard back in a reasonable timescale.


Upon a successful homecheck, your adoption team volunteer will send you the link to the Dog's BFF Award, which we bring you through the ISCP. This isn't scary but is a short, easy course with a multiple choice questionnaire to complete and return after you have read the accompanying text. it was actually designed for older children but is a super way to whet your appetite for learning more about dog behaviour. This helps us know that you have basic understanding of why your dog or any dog, may behave the way he is. Upon successful completion, you will be emailed a certificate that you can print out too. 


At this stage, we would ask you to pay your adoption donation. This can be done in two parts if you prefer. You pay the first part once your homecheck is completed, our team has gone over this with you, and you have confirmed, once again,  your commitment to adoption plus you have passed the Dog's BFF award.  We ask a total adoption donation of £360, though of course, you can donate more if you wish as we have so many dogs in need.  We use this money to cover all your dog's vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment, microchip, chip registration, European passport, vet check, ongoing care,  transport and spaying/neutering if the dog is old enough.  We ask the second part of the adoption donation a minimum of one week prior to the dog travelling.

Depending on your dog's readiness to travel, the whole process can take as little as three weeks but is usually around 4/5 weeks, all being well.


You sign the ADOPTION CONTRACT and your dog’s chip is registered in your name.


Your dog gets on the happy bus from Romania and comes home! Most dogs are delivered straight to your door.

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You will need to be prepared for a settling in period that varies from dog to dog. Some dogs slip seamlessly into a home and others need more time for adjustment.

Things you will need:

  • A well-fitting harness.

  • A crate for transport and for a safe space while they are settling in.

  • A slip lead

  • Pet insurance.

  • Training or puppy social classes.


Interested in fostering?  See our FOSTERING page.

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