What are Positive Training Methods?

Here at Barking Mad Dog Rescue we endorse only positive based training methods. 

What is this?

Victoria Stilwell explains:


Tom and Lauren, absoluteDOGS

Tom and Lauren have produced a great fun free ebook of confidence building games that our dogs love to play:


See their Facebook page 'absoluteDOGS' here:

Craig Ogilvie

We would recommend Craig's system for those who are struggling to create a deeper bond with their dog and who are struggling with things like hyperactivity, hyperarousal, reactivity and impulse control. He teaches how to 'think dog' - primarily through play - and how to enhance physical and mental stimulation. This is a good fun approach to positive training - lots of videos on YouTube as well.


Turid Rugaas


''Dogs have about 30 calming signals, perhaps even more. Some of these signals are used by most dogs, while other dogs have an incredibly rich ´vocabulary´. It varies from dog to dog. 


Dogs use this communication system towards us humans, simply because it´s the language they know and think everyone understands. 
By failing to see your dog using calming signals on you, and perhaps even punishing the dog for using them, you risk causing serious harm to your dog. Some may simply give up using the calming signals, including with other dogs. Others may get so desperate and frustrated that they get aggressive, nervous or stressed out as a result. Puppies and young dogs may actually go into a state of shock.''

Calming signals diagram.jpg

Stop the 77

Your Dog and Your Children

Did you know that 77% of dog bites involving children come from a dog they knew well? You can teach your children how to respect a dog and his space and in this way keep them both safe. 

Stop the 77 is a very useful website which includes a powerful video from the family dog's perspective.


Check it out here: