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Walk This May For Barking Mad



Throughout May 2022

The Challenge

Challenge yourself, your family, your friends and neighbours to raise funds throughout May. You can pledge to walk, run, hop, skip or jump a portion of the distance between the BMDR UK base and our main shelter. Whether you can do 100 miles or 1 mile, everyone is welcome to take part


Throughout the pandemic and especially during lockdowns, it has been a tough time for many. It's been impossible for BMDR to attend or hold outdoor events. On top of this, we have not been able to run our volunteer trips to our shelter, where our supporters used to help out so much with endless daily tasks, rescuing dogs in need, and help with giving the dogs so needed individual time.  


Once again, we have set-up a walking, hopping, skipping, running and jump the ‘Walk This May for Barking Mad’ challenge. The distance between founder Hilary's home in Aberdeenshire to our Romanian shelter in Nisipari is just over 2000 miles


Let's bridge that gap and cover the distance by marching TOGETHER


All you have to do is pledge a portion of the distance of that 2000 miles that you are willing to cover throughout May. Then ask your friends and family to sponsor you.




If you pledge to walk 30 miles, that is just under 1 mile per day.


Your children could measure down to the end of the garden and then hop there and back each day.

You could pledge to run 60 miles, just under 2 miles per day.

Perhaps you want to do one big walk, and plan on walking 10 miles in one Sunday.


Maybe you want to challenge yourself to walk 100 miles over the month, that is around 4 miles per day, or 25 miles each weekend.


Whatever amount you choose to walk, run, hop skip or jump - you could also cycle or maybe even swim- we’re all in it together, to reach our Romanian shelter virtually, and show the team and dogs how much we care.


If you are doing a daily dog walk anyway, or want to push yourself, this is the perfect challenge for you! Why not challenge yourself to get outside, get off the sofa, take up a new activity, get fitter or even meet some new walking buddies!

To get started, all you need to do is fill out the short form below.  ​Good luck!

Social Media

When you join the challenge, you might like to join our private Facebook group - here you'll be able to share photos and updates, and see how others taking on the challenge are doing.

Don't forget too to tag us in any updates on social media and use our hashtag #BMDRWALKTHISMAY


We'd love to see your progress.

Here is some text you can use to share the challenge to your social media or update your fundraising page with:

Facebook (Barking Mad Dog Rescue) or Instagram (@BMDRdogs):

Throughout May, I am taking part in the 'Walk This May for Barking Mad' challenge. I have pledged to walk/run/march/cycle *** miles. My miles contribute towards the 2000 mile distance between the 2 Barking Mad Dog Rescue shelters. I am doing this for Barking Mad Dog Rescue, a UK based charity set up to provide food, veterinary support and care for abandoned dogs in Romania before finding them suitable homes in the UK and Germany. With several hundred dogs to feed on a daily basis and so many dogs needing veterinary attention, fundraising is ongoing and essential.  It has been a strain during the pandemic, so any amount you can give is so appreciated. Thank you, I will keep you updated on my progress! #BMDRWALKTHISMAY

Twitter (tag us @BMDRdogs):

Throughout May, I am taking part in the 'Walk This May for Barking Mad' challenge. I have pledged to walk/run/march/cycle ** miles for Barking Mad Dog Rescue @BMDRdogs. Any amount you can give is so appreciated. Thank you #BMDRWALKTHISMAY

Then you can either share this fundraising page with friends and family to donate or even set up your own JustGiving fundraising page and link it to this campaign. Cclick on the 'Start fundraising' button above to create your linked campaign).

Social Media Graphics

Use the images below as your headers for your fundraising pages or on your social posts.  Right click, select 'save image as:

Facebook, Twitter posts or fundraiser headers:

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