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Jane and Nobel (8 years old)

“I thought Nobel looked very handsome in his pictures and I loved his eyes.

The adoption process was fabulous and very straightforward. The first time I met Nobel he was a bit shy but very sweet. During the first week he was surprisingly very calm and relaxed and over the next couple of months he just got better and better. I have two other dogs and they all get on very well.


We’re not sure what breed he is, he has a Collie type face but sometimes he looks a bit like a German Shepherd. He’s learnt lots of tricks such a giving a paw, coming to the clicker for biscuits and he even does a funny walk when we say “walkies”! He’s learned to share food and wait his turn. He can also be off his lead on nearly all walks.


My advice for anyone looking to adopt a Barking Mad dog is to please go ahead and do it. It can take time, and some days can be tricky, but the love you get back is amazing.”

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