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The September Volunteer Trip

We had another fantastic team of volunteers to make a really memorable time for us all. They grafted from morning till night. By the 3rd day the dogs were bouncing at the gates of their pens as SO many got out for walks every day. The heartbreak is of course that it is only for a week BUT roll on our new shelter, volunteer accomodation and year round help. Alan, Leigh, Jenny, Sarah Hayley , Lynne and Karen were just AWESOME. They were determined to take some pressure off the team in Romania and shovelled barrow loads of poop before walking miles and miles with dog after dog after dog.

We also picked up a few new dogs too this week. Lucky or unlucky, lucky we think to be in the right place at the right time. Fiona, Zippy, Lola, Oma and Opa are safe now. Details to come.

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