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Coca's shelter in Calarasi

Ami is just back from a week's volunteering in Romania. Ami is a member of our UK volunteer team with so many diverse roles, from dog walking and helping to manage our online auction that raises funds for tonnes and tonnes of dog food. When she was in Romania for a the week, Gea and Oana drove with Ami to visit Coca's shelter in Calarasi. Coca started off with 50 dogs of her own she had saved. Coca had bought some land to build a house where her dogs were kept but calamity struck when she lost her job. Two years ago BMDR stepped in. Coca now cares for 120 dogs with the occasional help of her husband. She is always grateful for help plus it also gives us an opportunity to get some more photos of the dogs Coca has for adoption. So many pups have been dumped with Coca over the last 6 months.

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