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A busy day at the vet’s

Claudia from Dorohoi is a superwoman - she never stops working to help her dogs. Sometimes that means long and expensive days at the vet’s surgery…

“Busy day(s) as always!

Yesterday we went to the vet in Suceava for ultrasounds with the new ones, Mia, Happy, Jimmy, and Gertrud. Because they were living on the streets for so long, it was almost impossible not to have stones/sand in the bladder or kidneys. And we were right! Luckily it's not very serious yet and with some treatment (Methionine) they will be OK. Plus Mia has cystitis too and the vet prescribed some antibiotics, Methionine, Omez and some probiotics.

Gertrud had a small problem and I thought I should check it. She was choking a little after eating. First I thought it's because she's eating very fast, she loves food, but the vet looked inside her throat and saw that her epiglottis got swollen and prevented her to breathe normally. So he had to intervene with a laser and removed the swollen part.”

Altogether this cost over £200. Please, if you can, donate to help Claudia pay this huge bill. Let’s show her how much we love and appreciate her ❤️

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