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A Happy Ending for Sweet Frankie

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Poor Frankie was discovered back in March by Claudia and her teacher husband, Cosmin.

The couple, who run a small rescue with our support, spotted a shaggy haired dog at the side of the road.

Dogs out and about alone aren't unusual in Romania, but Claudia noticed he was struggling to walk.

As Cosmin and Claudia pulled in to the side of the road, it soon became obvious that this poor dog was in dire need of help and was seriously injured.

The dog was shaking, trying to hobble to take cover, close to a nearby wall. Thankfully, they were able to take him to the safety of their car.

He was unable to use his back legs and clearly had been hit by a car.

"I don't think I'd have been able to get him if he hadn't been injured - he was so scared!" she said.

They took him to the vet and at first feared for the worse.

Initially, the vet worried there could have been serious damage to the dog's spine.

However, X-rays showed that his spine was fully intact and miraculously, not a single bone was broken.

His back was just severely bruised and Claudia was told he would need several weeks of rest to recuperate.

Named Frankie, this determined boy was back on his feet within a fortnight.

He quickly made friends with Claudia's other rescues, and Claudia told us she loved him for his sweet and gentle demeanour.

International adoption to the UK has been put on hold due to the lockdown, but luckily our hardworking colleagues in Germany were able to offer Frankie a super foster home. Adoptions to Germany are still able to go ahead, thank goodness.

This quickly became a "failed foster" as the kind family that took him in completely fell for Frankie's sweet nature and they have decided they can't let Frankie go.

Now this dear dog will live out his days safe, and truly loved!

About Barking Mad Dog Rescue

We are a Romanian based charity that helps find homes for unwanted and abandoned dogs.

We care for over 800 dogs on a daily basis and are entirely dependent on donations.

To find out ways you can help support us, please visit here.

And for more dog and rescue updates, follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook.

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