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A new family

This week we welcomed a gorgeous new family to our village house in Nisipari. Although we have very little space left, we couldn’t leave these babies when we heard about their plight.

Gea saw a social media post from a woman in Navodari, who had found a dog and her 4 tiny puppies huddling together for safety. The puppies are so young and were at serious risk - they wouldn’t have survived without help. With the help of another local rescuer - our friend Coca Neagu - mum and pups were brought to safety and are now being cared for by Aura at the village house.

We’ve named mum PEGGY, and her babies are CHARLIE, MAGGIE and LUCY. Sadly the 4th puppy didn’t make it 😔 Peggy is only about a year old - a baby herself - but look how happy she is now that she knows she’s safe!

The pups are very, very young and vulnerable but they will receive the best possible care. If you’d like to contribute towards looking after this precious family, please follow this link:

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