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An update on Tobi

Claudia rescued sweet little Tobi this month after finding him all alone in a supermarket car park 💔 He’s been doing really well at her house since then, and has some interest from an adopter in Germany.

Earlier this week, Claudia noticed that there was something wrong with little Tobi’s leg and decided to take him to see the vet in Suceava. An x-ray showed that his cruciate ligaments were torn as well as the tibial crest of his right back leg. This may have been caused by being struck 🙁

The good news is that it can be fixed. The cost of the operation and aftercare was around £200.

Thanks to our amazing, generous supporters, Tobi was able to have his operation very quickly and is now back at home, recovering with Claudia. She says:

“The vet said everything went fine, he's already putting his leg down. The vet checked his heart too - it's perfect. We have to keep him calm for at least a month, he's not supposed to run or jump. It won't be a problem he's such a great boy, very smart and calm.”

Thank you so very, very much for helping this lovely boy. He will be so much happier and more comfortable now ❤️

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