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Angelo update: This golden oldie needs your help

We rescued sweet Angelo last year from a public shelter.

This poor soul was skin and bone and had terrible joint stiffness when we first met him.

Very much an old chap, we wanted to give him a happy retirement if nothing else.

He has become a favourite in our shelter and has enjoyed a year filled with warmth, good food and plenty of cuddles.

Sadly yesterday he wouldn't eat and barely got up.

Oana rushed him to the vet. Here he was found to have both a tumour on his spleen and heartworm.

He is now home and on fluids but the next few days will tell us if he's had enough now.

If he picks up, we can ask the vet if he's strong enough to go through heartworm treatment too, as this can be very tough on old organs.

We truly love this old guy!

How to help

Can you help us care for dogs like Angelo? Just a few pounds can go a very long way.

We are dependent on donations and in these times of uncertainty need your help more than ever.

The coronavirus has made it unable for us to process new adoptions right now - but this hasn't stopped us taking in more dogs.

For ways to donate, please go here.

And for updates on Angelo and all our other dogs, please follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook.

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