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Another day, another dog

Sadly, Claudia hasn’t had any luck catching the dog we showed you yesterday, but she will keep on trying! 🤞

Things never stop in Dorohoi, and in the meantime, while on another mission, Claudia and her husband Cosmin had quite a surprise…

“On our way to the vet, while driving, we noticed a small puppy on the side of the highway so we stopped the car and tried to catch him. Surprisingly he ran so fast right in the middle of the road so we gave up for fear he will be hit by a car. While trying to catch the puppy I felt something touching my hand! It was a doggy who came out of the bushes just begging to take him! So we did!”

He’s about 4 years old - isn’t he lovely! Please donate if you can, to help Claudia care for all these poor souls who need her help ❤️

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