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Another update from Kenzo

Kenzo’s had another fun week!…

“Thought I would send you a photo of me with my foster brother, Macgregor, on our way back from having lunch in the pub and seeing our friends. As you can see a little bit of snow doesn’t keep us away. In fact we know exactly what day it is and what time we go out. If Auntie Rosemary is a bit slow getting ready to go out it is my job to hurry her along. Macgregor and I are getting on really well now. When I first arrived he used to keep out of my way because I was too bouncy for him and sometimes bumped into him in my excitement around tea time or walkies. I am a little bit calmer now but mostly I think Macgregor has just got used to me being here. I have even made friends with the two cats, Ruby and Sasha who aren’t scared of me any more. Auntie Rosemary says she is really proud of how

I have fitted in here and when she says I am a special boy I can’t help but wag my tail and smile.”

If you’d like to adopt Kenzo, please follow this link:

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