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It feels as though our shelter team in Romania are dealing with blow after blow at the moment.

The last few days have seen unprecedented temperatures here in the U.K. - it’s been tough for lots of us. But imagine working outdoors in those temperatures, day after day, for months every year. And the work is HARD and physically taxing, with little respite.

Now, imagine all of that, as well as wearing a thick fur coat 😥

A few years back, Ion constructed a sprinkler system to cool the dogs in summer. Metres of pipe were installed overhead to rain gently into the pens. Of course the dogs have dry areas too. Many though love it when it 'rains'.

This system is now worn out and gave way yesterday. It needs replaced urgently as temperatures continue to rise.

The shelter also needs a brand new water pump and 200m of hosepipe to rig everything up. Ion can do this work easily, but right now, with all the financial pressures on the charity, we just don’t have the funds to buy the materials we need 💔

We need to raise £600 all in all. We desperately need your help.

Please, if you can, donate a little to keep our dogs cool and safe this summer. We can’t bear to see them struggling. With over 40,000 followers on this page, imagine the funds we could raise if everyone donated just a tiny amount.

You can contribute by visiting our website:

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