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BIG news

Many of you will already know about our wonderful and exciting news.

We recently had the opportunity to purchase some land - not far from our current base - where we can finally build our dream shelter! Our current shelter is built on leased land, and this restricts what we’re able to build and therefore achieve there. We’ve been trying to buy the land for years, but sadly the goal posts kept being moved and it seemed like this would never happen.

Thanks to some incredibly kind and generous donations and loans, we were able to take this huge step towards making our dreams into reality. We have such big plans for this place - bigger pens, more space for exercise and play, accommodation for volunteers and even some sustainability projects. It’s so exciting.

This week, our founder Hilary and the team, as well as the 8 volunteers who are currently in Nisipari, were able to view the land and start visualising the future. We can’t wait to tell you more about our plans here!

Importantly, none of this would have been possible without your support over the years. You have helped to make BMDR what it is today.


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