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Dog with a broken leg

Once again, Claudia and Cosmin in Dorohoi have had a lot to do this week. When taking another of their dogs to the vet, they saw a little one in need, and of course they stopped to help..

“It goes without saying that on the usual dumping place in the woods there were some dogs. We tried to catch them but they were very scared and ran away. One of them has babies somewhere. We saw at least three dogs, we couldn't find the babies. We'll try to go back to see if we can catch them, at least feed them.

When we got to Suceava there was another poor soul on the street, limping. I think his leg is broken but we couldn't catch him either. Anyway someone promised he'll try to catch him these days.”

And they did! Here he is - lucky boy. Please if you can, donate a little towards treating his broken leg ❤️


An update from Claudia on her new boy, who has now been named BRIAN.

“The vet's just called me! He said that the crossed ligaments are torn, also the meniscus is torn. Poor boy! He will be operated on Monday. The vet is confident he'll manage to fix it.”

Thank you so much for your support. Please keep donating and sharing! ❤️

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