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Douze points!

Do you remember the pups from Poarta Alba? A kind man who works at the port alerted us to them last week - they were at risk of being run over and he was very worried about them.

We managed to catch four of the six pups but the other two kept running away. Well luckily, the kind man who was looking out for them has managed to catch them and bring them to us! These babies are really lucky to have him as a guardian angel 😇

Their mum is still there and did NOT want to be caught - the port workers will continue to feed and look out for her. She’s a lot more savvy than the pups, so we think she’ll be ok. We will keep trying to catch her so we can spay her, at least.

After reading all of your lovely name suggestions, we’ve decided to name them after some Eurovision icons 🎤🎶

Safe now, sweet babies!

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