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We know we’ve asked you for a lot recently. You’ve already enabled us to pay our food bills and purchase a new water pump and sprinkler system for the shelter. We love you for this.

But today, we’re asking you to dig deep and help Gea with something VERY important…

All dogs in our shelters receive regular spot-on treatment for fleas and ticks. You’ve helped us out with funds for this before, and we’re so very grateful for that.

But Gea has noticed that recently, the treatment just isn’t working anymore.

Even dogs that have been treated are suffering from infestations, and the ticks are HUGE. The photos below show how many fleas are being removed on a daily basis 🤢 We’re itching just thinking about it.

Fleas and ticks are always an issue in the summer months, but it seems that the problem is worse this year, and our usual preventative measures aren’t working. Our shelter team are fighting a losing battle, and it’s so disheartening for them.

Gea is a qualified veterinary assistant, and she knows her stuff. Simparica, which is a fast acting pill that targets fleas, ticks and demodex, is the best treatment to help our dogs. Some of them also suffer from skin complaints, and the pills will help with this too. Pills are always easier to administer than spot-ons, especially for those dogs that don’t like to be touched.

But Simparica is expensive. We need to buy 150 pills to treat all of our shelter dogs - this will cost 6000 lei (around £1000). Simparica will nuke any existing bugs and also prevent further infestations.

Please, if you could spare just a little today, we would be so very grateful. To contribute to our fundraiser, please visit this web page:

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